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HI... Our names are Mick n Phil, Marathon Lads from Stratford On Avon. My Dad (Mick) is a very experienced long distance marathon runner. Occasionally, Dad has had to break off from running because of personal circumstances, myself (Philip), as I am disabled, suffering from Cerebral Palsy and Sodium Valproate Syndrome. Now a days, Dad pushes me in my wheelchair around the circuits we race at. This is because I am at my most content when on the move. My mobility is extremely limited and I am completely dependant on my Dad for all my needs. Because of my disability my whole family has been affected and has not been without its challenges, mainly because I have no speech and my mum also suffers from poor health.

Mick Says... Nursing Philip through the years have driven my wife and I to mental breakdowns. She is now is no longer able to cope with Phillip's extreme needs, but that is not to say she has not a remarkable job over the years, bringing him through his severe illness which almost cost him his life.

My wife gave me an ultimatum in early 2002, "either take Phillip in his wheelchair running with you, or pack it all in as, as I cannot cope any longer". Well, I can tell you now, I thought it was the end of things, so I had a long hard think. Would the wheelchair stand up to it? Would Phillip like it? and most importantly, could I do this whilst pushing him? Running is hard enough at times no matter what standard you are. This was make or break, all or nothing. We started with a 2 mile fun run, taking 17m 45s, moved up to a 10k clocking 46m then tackled a 10 miler in a time of 1hr 48m. The final test was the full marathon where we achieved a time of 4hr 12m. This was fantastic, we were both loving it and quite simply, having the time of our lives. The rest they say, is history.

We then started taking on tougher, hilly races mainly of half marathon distance. The toughest to date is Great Langdale in Cumbria. We have now completed this twice with a best time of 2h 45m.

Our thanks must go to all the fellow athletes who support us in every way with kind words of support and their ideas for our racing. All the adaptions to Phillips wheelchair and even the idea for my vest has come from other athletes on a travels.

So far we have completed 947 races which include 500 half marathons. I feel it is most important for me to say that none of this have been possible had it not been for the race organisers and thousands of fellow runners. We appreciate it all very much.